The tide is turning against traditional politicians used to talking down to young people. Today’s youth are informed and have deep knowledge of how to use social media to their advantage. They will soon be making policy and when they do, things will change.

Rose Strauss Rose Strauss is an environmental science sophomore at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a climate change activist who said she has been studying environmental issues since she was 12. In recent days, though, the 18-year-old has been better known as “young and naïve,” as Scott Wagner, a Republican candidate for Pennsylvania governor, called her after she asked him at a July 18 town-hall-style meeting about $200,000 in campaign contributions she said he has received from fossil fuel executives, lobbyists and political action committees. Videos of the exchange quickly went viral on social media with the hashtag #YoungAndNaive, and this week Teen Vogue published an editorial by Ms. Strauss in which she vowed that “young and naïve” voters like herself would be canvassing across America this summer, promoting the ouster of politicians who they believe aren’t working for their generation. Ms. Strauss answered a few questions on Wednesday about how she plans to turn this newfound fame into action with Sunrise Movement , an activist group composed of young people concerned about the environment. The interview has been edited for clarity and brevity. What went through your mind when you were called “young and naïve?” We […]


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