30% cheaper, delivered to your home or office and helps reduce food waste. What is not to like? Oddbox provides the consumer with “imperfect” fruit and veggies that are just as good or better than the ones on store shelves.

That’s one way to beat food waste. We already know that ugly fruits and vegetables have health benefits , and can put a smile on your face too. But outside of the farmers’ market or our own backyards, most of us have very few avenues for purchasing ugly or misshapen fruits and vegetables that someone in head office has decided aren’t good enough for us. That’s changing in London. Oddbox partners with local growers and markets to buy surplus, misshapen or otherwise ‘unsellable’ fruits and vegetables, curates those products into seasonal veggie boxes, and then delivers them to people’s homes or offices. And it claims to be 30% cheaper than consumers would otherwise be paying. As if that wasn’t enough to get food waste haters interested, Oddbox also donates up to 10% of the produce it collects to charities. So far, the company has diverted 151 tonnes of fresh produce from landfill, saved the equivalent of 221 tonnes of carbon dioxide, and also given 12 tonnes of produce away to those who need it. But that’s just the beginning. Business Green reports that the company has seen a 650% rise in business in the […]


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