While currently ranking 22nd of the US states for installed solar capacity, Ohio will soon green light the development of three major projects that will increase its capacity by 250%.

425 MW of solar projects – including one on the site of a former coal mine – could exponentially increase the state’s installed capacity. Ohio state government site When the words “Ohio” and “solar” are used in the same sentence, chances are that sentence is referring to the system we live in and not the energy source that provides me a job, and with fair reason. Ohio is the birthplace of 24 astronauts, more than any other state. Ohio is also home to only 176 MW of installed solar PV capacity, more than 22 other states , but far from a leading position. 58% of Ohio’s electricity comes from coal , while solar accounts for less than 1%. However, three proposed solar projects, one on the site of a former coal mine, are looking to change that. If all three projects are approved and built, they would increase Ohio’s solar capacity almost 250%. Two of the projects are being developed by subsidiaries of Chicago’s Invenergy, which also builds gas projects in addition to solar, wind and battery storage. This includes the only project which has yet received approval from the state’s Energy Siting Board, a 150 MW project in […]


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