In a move to show leadership in the sports apparel industry, Adidas announced it will only be using recycled plastics for all their products beginning in 2024.

Earlier this week, the Financial Times reported the move that will feature the company removing new plastics from their athletic wear, which includes polyester. It’s the latest sustainable move by Adidas, who has sold one million shoes that were made with recycled plastic from the oceans. Polyester is currently found in 50 percent of Adidas’ products , which has become a popular material to create athletic wear with. It’s due to the lightweight nature of the product that also keeps athletes cool when working out. They’re also longer-lasting, don’t wrinkle as much, and there’s not much to worry about when throwing them in the washing machine. @adidas will use only recycled plastics ♻️♻️♻️ in our products by 2024. We’ll also stop using virgin plastic in our offices, retail stores, warehouses, distribution centers, etc, saving an estimated 40 tons of plastic a year starting this year. #sustainability #leadership While it’s a less expensive option for clothing manufacturers, there’s some significant environmental problems . It’s a very hot process to create new fibers, which requires more energy. Once people throw these away, they’re also nearly impossible to […]


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