As many companies are planning or are on the way to stop the use of plastic straws, some more sustainable solutions are in the game. This company will supply McDonald’s, producing paper alternatives and helping to create new jobs.

Image: Emka74/Shutterstock A Welsh packaging company that will be supplying paper straws to McDonald’s has been granted £500,000. The Welsh Government is providing the funding over three years to Transcend Packaging, which produces a range of products from paper straws to folding cartons and has put together a team of industry specialists focused on creating sustainable packaging solutions The grant will support the expansion of the company – helping create around 102 new jobs – as a growing number of businesses are making the switch to paper and alternative material straws in a bid to tackle plastic pollution . The fast food giant pledged to start phasing out plastic straws from its UK restarurants earlier this year – the Welsh company will start producing the paper alternatives this summer. Lorenzo Angelucci, Managing Director of Transcend Packaging said: “By working in partnership with local and regional government, leading companies and the wider public, we are able to provide innovative packaging solutions that help preserve a healthy environment.”


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