Instead of spending time money and water on a green lawn, how about planting a beautiful garden that also will feed your family?

Edible landscaping can go a long way toward conserving valuable resources while creating a powerful carbon sink, allowing you to take effective climate action right in your own backyard. What have you done for me lately? The one-and-only Janet Jackson once asked that question of a bad boyfriend. But lately, we’ve been wondering the very same thing about a far less obvious offender – our front lawn. We water it and then water it some more. We give it a trim to keep it looking super fresh, and we do it all over again a week later. When the dog digs up a spot, we patch it right up. According to a collaborative 2015 study by scientists from NASA, NOAA, Colorado State University, and the universities of Colorado and Montana, about 163,812 square kilometers of the American landscape is “cultivated with some form of lawn … an area three times larger than that of any irrigated crop.” Now, imagine the possibilities if we put even some of that wide open space – an area roughly the size of the state of Wisconsin – to better use for the planet. That’s right, by simply rethinking your own outdoor space and […]


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