The NLR believes so strongly in the future of electric aircraft that they have opened a research facility for this purpose.

Urban electric air mobility has taken to the skies with fury, so more airports are taking a closer look at the future of electric air mobility. What was once thought of as something that could only happen in 20 years has already been making great strides the past two years. The Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) believes in the future of electric aviation so much and is so eager to contribute to the cause that it opened its research facility in Marknesse, Netherlands, to help develop the future of electric mobility. NLR Opens The Netherlands Aerospace Centre To Further Electric Flight The NLR is putting its money where its mouth is by unveiling the Pipistrel Alpha Electro electric airplane (e-plane) at its new facility. In fact, NLR chose the Pipistrel as its research aircraft for its new Living Lab for Electric Flight. Auditing and consultancy firm NLR teamed up with PwC , which helped with the purchase of the electric Pipistrel aircraft, part of its circular and CO 2 -neutral business model due by 2030. By monetizing its CO 2 emissions since 2017, presumably, PwC can use this budget to reduce and offset emissions. The press release describes in details […]


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