Young people in climate camp all over the Europe are fighting against the climate crisis. They are defending nature and the climate, trying to stop the destruction of the environment and provide a more sustainable future.

Sommerferien bedeuten für manche Österreicher Aktivitäten für Klimaschutz (DW/Bob Berwyn) As a warm wind ripples through the scarlet poppies lining a country lane to the Austrian village of Wolkersdorf, a local farmer offers visitors sun-warmed cherries fresh from her tree. When she hears where they’re headed, she gives them a thumbs up. It’s Corpus Christi, the first holiday of summer, and instead of lazing on the beach, picnicking or hiking in the mountains, a few hundred people have made their way to the Klimacamp 2018, part of the System Change, Not Climate Change movement working all-out to halt dangerous climate change. The event in Wolkersdorf, a farming community about 30 kilometers (18 miles) northeast of Vienna, is being held on land provided by a local organic farmer who supports environmental action. Daily meetings and communal cooking all happens in a small grazing meadow and orchard, and some 50 tents are neatly pegged in a nearby fallow field. It is just one of many climate camps taking place across Europe this summer. Organizers say a growing sense of the magnitude of the climate crisis is spurring ever more people — particularly young people — to get involved. “We’re fighting for […]


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