With a typical Western styled facade, this cafe in Vietnam uses bamboo – an adaptable and locally appropriate material that really elevates the design.

© Trieu Chien We’ve seen a renaissance in bamboo architecture in recent years, as designers are pushing the material in innovative ways, both structurally as a new kind of " green steel ," and aesthetically as well. Vietnam’s Vo Trong Nghia Architects is one of these pioneers, having done a number of projects that feature bamboo in new and exciting ways. The firm’s latest project is a renovation of Nocenco Cafe, located on the top floor of a mid-rise building in Vinh, a city in central Vietnam. The scheme features a swooping profile for the roof, consisting of fluid shapes and surfaces made possible by the versatility of bamboo, which grows abundantly in this region. © Trieu Chien © Trieu Chien After considering brick and stone, the affordability, ease of transport, lightness, relative strength and durability made bamboo a prime candidate for the design scheme in the end, which also helped to reduce cost and construction time. In using bamboo, the firm has created a cavernous and chic space that crowns a building with an existing European-style facade, to create a new cultural icon for the city. © Trieu Chien © Trieu Chien © Trieu Chien © Trieu Chien […]


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