This father-son team started 600 miles long journey to the South Pole, using only renewable sources, and became the first explorers to make this achievement. They show possibilities of technology innovations that they used and send to the rest of the world the strong message – if they could do it, people in their homes could do it too! “This expedition was about inspiring people on energy use.”

Thirty-two years ago, Robert Swan made history as the first person to walk to both poles. Even as a young man, these grueling expeditions took a harsh toll on his body. Passing directly beneath the hole in the ozone layer, Swan’s face became badly burned and his eyes even changed color. But the Arctic explorer now says that all of that physical duress pales in comparison to the agony of watching his son go through the same experience 32 years later. This past winter, after years of preparation, Robert Swan set out to trek the 600 miles to the South Pole again — this time, with his 24-year-old son Barney by his side. And this time, with an additional challenge built in: they would survive exclusively off of renewable energy. It was a “swan song” with a very important goal. If the father-son team could get by on renewable energy in the harshest environment on Earth, then people in the comfort of their own homes could do it, too. This winter, Barney and Robert Swan became the first explorers to ever trek to the South Pole surviving exclusively off of renewable energy. “At the age of 61, it’s not […]


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