Looking like something out of a science fiction novel, edible water bubbles promise to reduce the single use plastic bottles that currently comprise a large percentage of plastic waste.

With plastic pollution a serious, worldwide issue, the sooner we find excellent alternatives to plastic packaging, the better our environment will be. This is where Skipping Rocks Lab has stepped up. The London startup is aiming to change the way we drink bottled water with Ooho!, an edible bubble that can be filled with any type of liquid. Using an edible membrane made of seaweed extract, Skipping Rocks Lab is hoping their innovation will help ease the strain of plastic waste. Dubbing it “water you can eat,” Ooho! is biodegradable in 4-6 weeks if not ingested and can even be flavored or colored. While the starting point is water, the sphere can be filled with juices, sodas, or any liquid you can drink. Skipping Rocks Lab was founded by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) and Imperial College and aims to be leaders in seaweed based packaging. Ooho! is just the start of a mission to develop alternatives to plastic cups, plates, and plastic bottles. And with Ooho! costing less to manufacture than a plastic bottle, they are off to a good start. Where can you get your hands on these edible water bottles? At the moment […]


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