Maybe applying business practices to the global issue of clean water makes sense. This man finds profit in achieving the goal of clean water where there was none before.

Goldman Sachs Bondh-E-Shams, a charity founded by a 24-year-old Goldman Sachs analyst Hamza Farrukh, won a $150,000 grant from the bank. It focuses on providing clean water to poor, rural communities in Pakistan and to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Founder Hamza Farrukh told Business Insider that his ultimate goal is to provide clean water to everyone on the planet. For most of us, working in Goldman Sachs’ prestigious securities division would be enough stress and workload. But for Hamza Farrukh, it’s not enough. As well as his day job, Farrukh heads up Bondh-E-Shams, a charity he founded, which is dedicated to delivering clean water to areas that previously did not have access. Last week, Farrukh and a team of his colleagues at Goldman, won a $150,000 grant from the bank’s charitable foundation, as part of its Analyst Impact Fund competition — an annual contest where teams of junior Goldman staff compete for a major investment from the bank into a charity they are involved with. The contest is judged by the bank’s partnership committee and CEO Lloyd Blankfein. "It’s a project I’ve been involved with for around three or four years now, and to see this kind of support […]


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