According this article, in the future, majority of energy companies will have focus on renewable sources “people won’t even think about it”.

The majority of energy companies in the future will be green and “people wont even think about it”. That’s according to Jeff Whittingham , Managing Director of Ørsted Energy Sales UK, who spoke at yesterday’s Energy Live Future event in London. He told ELN Ørsted’s shift from oil and gas infrastructure to green sources of electricity has been followed by several other large energy firms, which have restructured their business models to focus more on renewable generation . Mr Whittingham suggested this transition would spell the end of the coal industry and eventually phase out gas generation. He added businesses should have aspirational goals to help influence and accelerate the move towards a low carbon energy system regardless of what’s happening on a national level. He also stated different countries’ varying strategies regarding the Paris Agreement are concerning. Mr Whittingham said: “The Paris Agreement targets, I mean the renewable targets, I think we have to try and actually deliver some of these world targets. It does concern me that different countries have different strategies – customers could move production into different areas but can we meet those production targets? “I hope we can because I also believe the burning of fossil fuels is damaging the environment as well and leading to global warming.”


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