We wrote about this Sweden trend before. It started two years ago, and it spread very fast. Now, people all over the world are helping in cleaning their neighborhoods of garbage – while loosing their weights. All you need are running shoes, gloves and bag. And good will, of course. This Article presents us are some of their work.

Plogging (DW/A. Linke) We hear a distant rumble of thunder. There’s no sign of rain — yet. Even if it is on its way, that’s still no excuse. Running shoes on and glove and bag in hand, I’m all set to start plogging. Going it alone is no fun, though, so I ask a couple of friends if they’d like to try out the new trend with me. “You mean picking up other people’s garbage?” my friend Petra replies unenthusiastically. I explain that plogging is the latest trend to come out of Sweden. It’s a combination of the word jogging and the Swedish word plocke , meaning “to collect.” The idea is simple — if you see a piece of garbage while you’re running or walking, you pick it up: Good for your body, and good for the planet. Petra isn’t thrilled at the prospect but relents in the end, with a “Why not?” After all, she often complains about the trash in our otherwise beautiful park. I also manage to convince my friend Regina and my husband to join us. Persuading my nine-year-old daughter proves more difficult. Truth be told, she doesn’t even pick up her things in her own bedroom. I plead that running in a group will be fun, but she’s having none of it. The idea of running and helping the environment at the same time appeals more to my 12-year-old. And her enthusiasm is enough to convince her little sister. Soon both girls are kitted-out for the cleanup, and we’re all ready to go. A worldwide craze We meet up at the Vorgebirgspark in south Cologne. On the way, I explain how Swedish environmental activist Erik Ahlström started the plogging craze two years ago. Thanks largely to viral videos on social media, it has […]


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