A world needs more sustainable food, so the plant-based burgers are one of the solutions. Since demand for vegan and vegetarian food increased 600% last year, food chains begin to introduce more plant-based meals in their menus.

It’s widely known that our love of red meat is wrecking the planet . Animal agriculture accounts for around 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Slowly, the food and restaurant industries are starting to acknowledge the need to move away from red meat . Demand for vegan and vegetarian food increased 600% last year, and restaurants and suppliers took note. The plant-based Impossible Burger is cropping up on menus from gourmet restaurants like Manhattan’s Momofuku Nishi to White Castle . The burger chain Sonic debuted a blended option that’s half mushroom, half meat. While responding to (and attempting to influence) consumer behavior will play a large role in driving down global dependence on red meat, the Swedish chain Max Burger is taking it a step further: Through a new, ambitious carbon offsetting program, the company thinks it can make the sale of its burgers actually improve the planet. [Photo: Max Burger] Claiming theirs will be the world’s first “climate positive” burgers, the company will plant enough trees to offset 110% of the carbon emissions associated with its business. The initiative will begin June 14, in honor of the company’s 50 th anniversary. “It’s not enough to just reduce emissions anymore or to be climate neutral,” Richard Bergfors, Max Burger president, tells Fast Company . “We have to do more.” Back in 2008, though, climate neutral was the company’s goal. “Back then, we really realized that climate was a big challenge, and that we were a big part of the problem because we were selling red meat,” Bergfors says. “So we decided: Let’s be honest about this.” With the help of a team of auditors and researchers, Max Burger labeled the climate impact of every item on its menu, and conducted a thorough survey of its business operations and supply […]


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