Using laser mark for labeling organic products could throw out additional single-use plastic packaging. This is a real, smart alternative, and presents sustainable solution.

Natural branding (eosta) Tomatoes in plastic tubs, cheese and coldcuts packed in plastic, shrink-wrapped organic cucumbers — a lot of plastic waste comes through our shopping carts. But it doesn’t have to be that way: The Dutch company Eosta “engraves” its organic fruit and vegetable labels directly on the ware. Under European Union regulation, organic products have to be specially labeled so that customers can distinguish them from conventional products. Yet this results in a bitter irony: Customers who seek to be more eco-friendly by buying organic end up getting their goods wrapped in additional plastic. But through introduction of a laser mark, such plastic packaging could disappear. Ginger is among products that could get laser-marked Modern lifestyle, more waste With ever more people living as singles or on-the-go, food is increasingly offered already prepared, or in pre-packaged portions. In Germany for example, the amount of packaging that ends up in the bin every year has recently increased 2 percent to 18.2 million tons, according to the German Federal Environmental Agency. Read more: What to do about Germany’s mounting packaging waste? Consumption habits are changing as lifestyle changes, including for example booming mail-order businesses and the ongoing trend of take-away food and drinks. But even in supermarkets, the amount of pre-packaged fresh food on the shelves is increasing. Customers rarely get a choice these days whether they want to buy packaged or non-packaged products. Food retailers justify abundant plastic packaging by saying this protects the products, enhancing their durability. You can choose to buy organic, you may end up getting even more plastic packaging Natural branding Netherlands-based laser technology company Eosta is trying to introduce to the market a real alternative to plastic packaging. In March 2018, Eosta received the Dutch Packaging Award in the sustainability category for its […]


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