She improves business plan for waste management and recycling business, and now, SiyaBuddy is one of very few companies that earns from sorting and selling waste. This woman made really a significant success, when we take into account that only 10% percent of trash is recycled in the rural South Africa.

In a bid to earn funding for their Uber-style startup — for consultants, not cars — Nomuntu Ndhlovu and her then business partner entered into a pact in 2016 to quit their well-paying Johannesburg jobs. Ndhlovu gave notice on Friday and heard nothing from her friend all weekend. “She called me on a Monday and said she was moving to London,” Ndhlovu says. The young entrepreneur, then 25, dealt with the shock by planning her own trip — only she was headed to the tiny village of Steenbok to see her parents, a place she never could’ve guessed would […]


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