Gas turbine in Japan achieved new Guinness World Record. This world’s most efficient combine-cycle power plant, running on liquefied natural gas, converted 63.08% of its fuel energy into electricity.

Image: Chubu Electric Power General Electric (GE) has secured a new Guinness World Record for the efficiency of one of its gas turbines in Japan. Its equipment at Chubu Electric Power’s 1,188MW Nishi-Nagoya plant converted 63.08% of its fuel energy into electricity, earning the title of world’s most efficient combined-cycle power plant . Whereas the US and parts of Japan use a 60Hz grid frequency, the standard in Europe is 50Hz – there are separate Guinness World Records for each category. In 2016, GE’s combined-cycle turbines at EDF Energy’s plant in Bouchain, France, earned a new record in the […]


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