The mycelium-based leather, biodegradable and very realistic, is far more sustainable than animal leather. Although it is in development, bio fabricated leather is still a small player in the  leather market.

In the forest, fungus slowly spreads across logs in complex, branching networks. Mycelium (the root structure of fungi like mushrooms, which sprout from mycelium) grows by absorbing nutrients from the environment, and it’s surprisingly strong and durable: A mycelial mat, when removed from a log, feels like a dense foam, with a somewhat pebbled texture. To Dan Widmaier, founder and CEO of Bolt Threads , a startup specializing in growing next-generation fibers inspired by nature, mycelium looked quite a bit like leather. [Photo: Bolt Threads] Bolt Threads, which launched nine years ago, is best known for creating Microsilk, a […]


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