Liquid nitrogen-based engine shows many advantages and positive sides, than equivalent diesel versions. Some of them are: reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, the elimination of all nitrogen oxides and positive impact on air quality.

Image: Dearman Unilever has partnered with a cooling technology company and successfully trialled a zero-emission refrigeration unit. The Dearman Hubbard transport refrigeration unit (TRU) was deployed by Unilever for a six-month period in the Netherlands to undertake deliveries of frozen produce across the country. The trial demonstrated the liquid nitrogen-fuelled technology was cheaper, quieter and greener than equivalent diesel versions – it reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 600 kilogrammes per month, eliminated all nitrogen oxide and particulate matter emissions and had a significant positive impact upon local air quality. CEO of Dearman, Scott Mac Meekin, said: “We are delighted […]


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