Lego, the originator of the ubiquitous building blocks loved the world over had been moving towards sustainability in the type of plastic it sources. The is an excellent first step.

© LEGO Made from sugarcane, the new sustainable play pieces will be included in Lego kits in 2018. Danish toymaker Lego has just announced the launch of its first-ever bricks made from plant-based materials . The new pieces, made from a bioplastic sourced from Brazilian sugarcane, will start appearing […]

It has been nearly three years since Lego announced it would invest $1 billion in the LEGO Sustainable Materials Centre in Denmark and assigned 100 people to the task of coming up with a more environmentally friendly alternative material. At that point, the company didn’t know it would end up with sugarcane-based bioplastic, but it knew it wanted something with


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