15 Fascinating Facts About Otters

Otterly awesome Photo: Stephen Meese/Shutterstock Otters are perhaps one of the most charismatic of mammals. They possess cleverness and playfulness in equal quantities, and an abundance of cute . But don’t let the adorable face distract you from all the many other fascinating qualities of otters. We have 15 interesting facts (and yes, ridiculously cute photos) about otters that will keep you fascinated! Why sea otters hold hands when sleeping Photo: Joe Robertson [CC BY 2.0] /Wikimedia Commons Sea otters sometimes hold hands while they’re sleeping to keep from floating away from each other. Often a mother and pup will hold on to each other while they are resting so that they don’t drift off from each other or the rest of their group, which is called a raft. Sea otters holding hands isn’t that common in the wild, according to the Seattle Aquarium . Instead, large rafts are more likely to keep track of each other by keeping an eye on one another, listening and keeping in touch through occasional tail and flipper contact. “Paw holding is most likely a learned behavior specific to certain individual sea otters, who may find it comforting!” according to the aquarium. In […]

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