14 Creatures Scientists Thought Were Extinct, But Aren’t (11 Gone Forever)

Picture15 14 Creatures Scientists Thought Were Extinct, But Aren't (11 Gone Forever)

How did nobody notice a “tree lobster” for decades? How have giant earthworms been squirming around America without catching anyone’s eye? How did people not see that entire herds of mini elephants were alive and kicking in their own country? These animals are too weird to overlook, yet scientists were convinced that they didn’t exist anymore – until recent evidence proved them wrong.

Evolutionary biology isn’t always a perfect science. Researchers themselves have even given a name to species that they mistakenly believed to be extinct. Named for the legendary Lazarus who came back from the dead, Lazarus species are the wide variety of animals that have seemed to do the same thing. They’ve gone from officially not existing to existing once again […]



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