10 Wedding Gifts That Eco-Conscious Newlyweds Will Love

Something old, something new, something blue—but everything green Choosing a thoughtful wedding gift can be like running through a maze of ice cream makers and decorative napkin rings. Should your present be whimsical, or practical? Will it be used once, or will it last? Whether sticking to a registry or thinking outside the box, a personal gift demonstrates thought put not just into the couple, but into the world they want to build together. Choosing an ecologically conscious gift, then, is the perfect way to help a sustainably-minded pair lighten their footprint. Here are some ideas for presents that prioritize environmental health, reusability, and/or sustainable lifestyles—feel free to add your suggestions in the comments! (And remember, purchasing locally sourced gifts whenever possible is inherently more sustainable, as they rely less on fossil fuel transportation and excess packaging for shipping.) Prepare for a recycling-bin shocker: only a fraction of what gets dumped into recycling bins actually gets recycled. Global development and low oil prices have made it easier for countries to produce certain raw materials domestically rather than import them, which has decreased the value of “foreign trash” from other countries that gets imported and reused. As a result, in […]

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