10 Essential Tips For Sustainable Living

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Sustainable living may seem like an impossible thing to attain at times, however we believe it isn’t as hard as you may think. Sustainable living isn’t an instant thing, it is a journey with many steps you can take to become more sustainable. Here are 10 essential tips for sustainable living! 1. Eat and Shop Locally Eating and shopping locally is an important step to sustainable living. Buying food from local farmers markets reduces the impact on the environment as it doesn’t have to travel as far from the farm to your table and local farmers often use more environmentally-friendly pesticides. Buying local also means that you will have to make more plant-based purchases reducing the amount of artificial foods and will force you to eat more seasonally rather than eating all fruits and vegetables all year round. 2. Say no to single use Removing disposable and single use items from your life is essential for sustainable living. This step is easy and takes just a few personal rules. For example, if you don’t have a keep cup you can’t get a takeaway coffee, ask for your drink without a straw and if you really need one bring a […]

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