As an engineer of technology, Suzana is especially interested in toxic substances and food chemistry with minimal use of chemicals in production. She promotes the use of greener solutions in everyday life, and the fact that one person can make the difference!

Latest Articles from Happy Eco News

5 Ways to Fight the Climate Crisis in 2020

We need to generate a lot more renewable energy to replace old, dirty energy and slow down the climate crisis. Pixabay / Pexels A...

Barclays Pressed to Divest From Fossil Fuels

Shareholders of one of Europe's biggest banks are pushing for it to stop investing in fossil fuels, in the first shareholder action of its...

How Goats Are Preventing Wildfires in California

Goats are gaining a reputation for being a useful tool for fire prevention. HarshLight / CC BY 2.0 A city in Southern California has...
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